Solid Career Options for the ADHD Challenged Adult


Here is a small list of professions ADHD’ers may find themselves successful in. The common characteristics for all of the below employment opportunities are: creativity, high energy, independence and variety.


The beginning attraction here is the ability to be independent and the ability to utilize their creativity. You don’t have to fit in a “standard mold”. To insure maximum focus and concentration on the business, you must be totally immersed and have a passion for it.

Commissioned Sales Position:

Some similarities to self- employment, independence, variety, and minimizes multi-tasking. Organizational Systems can be developed according to your own preferences which may also increase self-confidence.

Medical Professions (Doctor or Nurse):

Work Environment can be very fast paced and challenging with continually varied tasks and new environments.

First Responders:

Everyday is different and being needed immediately to solve a problem in a new situation can be very stimulating to the ADHD Brain, which may even hyper focus -in emergency situations.


Creativity with high energy levels.

Appliance or Utility Repair:

Independence, several new people met every day and each assignment is relatively short in duration.

Construction and Trades:

See the results fairly quickly and the opportunity to stay in constant motion.

Delivery Route Drivers:

For the same reasons as discussed in the two careers immediately above.

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