Procrastination Busters Part- II

  1. Blinded by the Fog – Relax, take a deep breath, and get yourself in balanced. Ask yourself, “What is my main goal to accomplish here?” Getting caught up in the details can cause a form of “Mental Paralysis” which prevents you from moving forward.
  2. Looking at the Finish Line too quickly – Anticipation of the final result (whether positive or negative) may stop you in your tracks and prevent completion of a project or task.
  3. Not seeing the bigger picture – A task can be very boring, but its end result is very important to your employer. For example, preparing for your department’s audit can be very tedious, but if your company obtains outstanding results, the work can be very satisfying. Learn to look at the “big picture” to stay focused and motivated.
  4. Indecision – When multiple solutions are available, first consider the potential advantages and disadvantages of each, then attempt to discover which one works the best. Once again a “big picture” outlook can fuel your forward momentum.
  5. Lack of Confidence – This can feed procrastination when you expect perfect results from yourself. Ask yourself what is causing the lack of confidence. Is this a complete lack of skill or something that can be learned by additional training or observation? You can then observe a skilled coworker and next time you will know how to do it yourself. This will improve your self-confidence and satisfaction.
  6. The 8 by 8 rule – Short bursts of energy can be very productive. Either work on a task for 8 minutes or file 8 items from the pile that you must organize or put away (e.g. invoices, inventory, or sales documents).
  7. Distraction – Sometimes we use distractions in our lives as a mechanism to not work on what we should be doing. Try going without answering your email, phone, or office door for one to two hours to stay focused on the tasks at hand.
  8. Not allowing enough time – When your “gut feeling” tells you how long it will take to complete a project, TRIPLE IT. This is an effective tool in taking pressure off of yourself and stopping negative energy from preventing you from reaching your goals.

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