ADHD And Procrastination Busters- Part I


Tip # 1) – Get yourself “In the Mood” – Sometimes an ADHD Brain just needs a kick start to get in the mood to focus on things that are “routine and mundane.” Try 15 to 20 minutes of a moderate exercise (e.g. riding a bike or a brisk walking) or play a game on your computer or mobile phone (use a timer or alarm to avoid becoming hyper-focused).

Tip#2) Consider whether your surroundings are conducive to being productive. For ADDers, sometimes working in a quiet environment can serve as “fuel for procrastination” and makes getting started more challenging. Turning on some of your favorite music may help get things in motion.

Tip#3) “Hey buddy, could you come sit over here for a minute!” – Ask a trusted friend to come sit in the area where you are working to help you stay focused on the boring task – THEY DO NOT NEED TO HELP YOU. It can help keep your body engaged by having someone just sit next to you. This concept is commonly called a body double.

Tip#4) What in the world is causing me to procrastinate? Ask yourself some questions as to why you are procrastinating on a certain task. Do I know how to properly start this project? Am I expecting myself to do this perfectly? Do I dislike to do the task that bad?

Tip # 5) Break the task down into smaller steps – Write each step on a sticky note. Place each of the notes in the proper sequential order. Remove each note only when you are ready to begin that step.

Tip # 6) Establish momentum by tackling the easier steps first – Start small and keep moving forward.

Tip # 7) Are you at maximum mental energy and alertness right now? If the answer is yes, work on the more difficult and demanding tasks while you have enough energy. If not, tackle easier ones and leave the harder tasks for when you are more alert than you are now.

Tip # 8) Pat yourself on the back for a job well done – When you complete an important and boring task, reward yourself with a movie, a trip to a local attraction, or your favorite restaurant.

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