My purpose is to provide valuable coaching services for those adults suffering from symptoms of ADHD. I have a special interest in people experiencing challenges, frustrations, , career satisfaction and stability issues in the areas of employment due to their never-ending ADHD challenges. I have ADHD myself and have been down this road several times during my thirty-year career as a Registered Pharmacist. The goal of my coaching practice is to enter into a “Partnership of Equals” with the client and guide them on a journey of self-discovery, to help them maximize their interests and strengths, in a job or career that they are truly passionate about.

I am a private practice coach working with a broad spectrum of clients. As an ADHD Coach, Career Coach, Life Coach and Registered Pharmacist I know that proper diagnosis, medications, lifestyle modifications, and coaching work “hand in hand” to help the ADDer live a full life of maximum productivity and potential.

Clients that come to me are NOT BROKEN. They do not NEED TO BE FIXED. Instead, they are complete, resourceful and whole. Through a series of deep, thought provoking questions and deep listening, the client and I embark on a fascinating journey of self-discovery to uncover amazing brilliance, talents and strengths.

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July 29, 2019

You know what you need to do, but your brain keeps drifting off. What can you do to retain focus and get through the day’s tasks? The key is working with your ADHD brain. Not against it.. #1 Keep all electronic devices – OOS (out of site) and OOM (out of mind). If possible, put […]

July 22, 2019

You have reached a plateau in your professional life. Work is not as enjoyable as it has been the last couple of years. Maybe your new supervisor has come in ruling with an iron hand, and morale in the department has slipped to the lowest in the five years you have been there. You want […]

July 8, 2019

The “neuro—normal” person (not affected by ADHD) usually stays at a job for four to six years. However, the employee challenged by ADHD, is typically out looking for new employment opportunities every eighteen to twenty-four months. This could be because of yet another poor performance at work, or the impulsivity and novelty seeking characteristics of […]

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