A closer look at what’s involved with an ADHD Job Change

You have reached a plateau in your professional life. Work is not as enjoyable as it has been the last couple of years. Maybe your new supervisor has come in ruling with an iron hand, and morale in the department has slipped to the lowest in the five years you have been there.

You want a new job. So, let’s take a look at a slow, deliberate and methodical way to cover all of the bases in the employment change process. One that should minimize the ADD “impulsivity monster,” and help you make a very informed, clear and solid career change decision. (This decision process will proceed in a direction from small and subtle to large and drastic, depending on the driving force behind the perceived need for an employment change).

Option #1 Consider a transfer within the organization.  If there are multiple location options to work at, and the ‘alignment’ with the newly supervisor is not as congruent as you would like it to be, a lateral move to another location within your current organization, is all that may be necessary.

Option# 2 – Consider the same position but within a different organization. Take a ‘big picture’ look at the new opportunity from the viewpoint of ADHD friendliness, administrative beliefs, policies, procedures, use of technology, employee turnover, and physical layout of assigned area. Plus look at their autonomy, noise level of work environment, repetitiveness of work and  teamwork. Be as diligent as possible in reviewing these factors. Salary and benefits should be the last items you evaluate.

Option # 3 – Different Job in the same field.  If you have reached the end of the line in the operations part of a job, maybe a consider a total job change. Training or a marketing position may be worth considering.

Option # 4 – Further enhance your career by enhancing your skill set and taking extra classes or a certification program. One word of caution – Perform a cost benefit analysis before you commit.  With the rising cost of all of the various education programs, you don’t want to set yourself up for a big debt. Ask yourself, will the educational program increase salary sufficiently to pay for the cost of the educational in an acceptable period of time?

Option # 5 – Look at an ‘Advanced degree’ in your current area. Again, pay close attention to salary increase in comparison to paying for the advanced degree. Also, consider the possible strain on family life will be short term while the degree is being pursued.

Option # 6 – Complete Career Change. Once again, evaluating educational requirements, time to acquire new skill set. Plus, will an initial pay cut be necessary? And, consider if a complete career change will put any strain on your family life.

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