A Closer Look at Attention Deficit Trauma (ADT)

Attention Deficit Trauma (ADT) was first coined in 1994 by leading ADHD Expert Ned Hallowell. It affects some individuals with ADHD but is a separate condition in and of itself. Primarily occurring in the workplace, it hinders one’s ability to effectively perform to society’s standards of professionalism. Being aware of the facts and recognizing the signs of being affected by ADT generates understanding and may help you succeed in your career.

  1. ADT occurs in specific contexts, unlike ADD (Attention Deficit Disorder), which is genetically determined.
  2. ADD is always present, whereas ADT can “take a vacation” when the affected client is not in the work environment.
  3. ADT can occur in certain work situations but not in others.
  4. People “develope” ADT as a coping mechanism for dealing with the stress in their lives.
  5. ADT originates externally like a virus and begins gradually.
  6. Those affected by ADT cannot pinpoint as to when it exactly started.
  7. ADT NEVER OCCURS as a single episode.
  8. Those affected by ADT find that it becomes more and more difficult to meet workplace attention demands.
  9. The number of people challenged by ADT has grown as the number of internet users has grown.
  10. People with ADT can wake up in the morning without symptoms.

Reference: Hallowell Driven to Distraction at Work 2015

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