Here is a small list of professions ADHD’ers may find themselves successful in. The common characteristics for all of the below employment opportunities are: creativity, high energy, independence and variety.


The beginning attraction here is the ability to be independent and the ability to utilize their creativity. You don’t have to fit in a “standard mold”. To insure maximum focus and concentration on the business, you must be totally immersed and have a passion for it.

Commissioned Sales Position:

Some similarities to self- employment, independence, variety, and minimizes multi-tasking. Organizational Systems can be developed according to your own preferences which may also increase self-confidence.

Medical Professions (Doctor or Nurse):

Work Environment can be very fast paced and challenging with continually varied tasks and new environments.

First Responders:

Everyday is different and being needed immediately to solve a problem in a new situation can be very stimulating to the ADHD Brain, which may even hyper focus -in emergency situations.


Creativity with high energy levels.

Appliance or Utility Repair:

Independence, several new people met every day and each assignment is relatively short in duration.

Construction and Trades:

See the results fairly quickly and the opportunity to stay in constant motion.

Delivery Route Drivers:

For the same reasons as discussed in the two careers immediately above.

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Maintaining focus, and increasing your productivity if you have ADD or ADHD, can be a challenge. Follow my Ten Commandments to improve workplace productivity, and to make you more focused, and less frazzled at work.

  • Thou shall start the day with a moderately intense workout. With most ADDers, exercise increases the neurotransmitters in the frontal cortex of the brain, where they are usually lacking.
  • Thou shall consume a high protein breakfast in the morning. Protein are comprised of Amino Acids which serve as the building blocks of neurotransmitters that are low in ADHD. Try eating peanut butter, avocados, tofu scramble or egg muffins for an all-energy, more productive day.
  • Thou shall NOT check your e-mail more then three times daily. Once in the early part of day, once in the middle, and once at the end of your day. Spending too much time on e-mail is a notorious time waster in the ADD population. MAX THREE E-MAIL CHECKS DAILY. Budget yourself extra time following any extended time off, to deal with any mass accumulated e-mails. Coming into work early, or checking work e-mail from home, are possible productivity management strategies.
  • Thou shall minimize distractions during the work day. Strategies include: Sit with your back to the door, hanging a do not disturb sign on the door, and communicate very clearly to coworkers when you are ‘off limits’.
  • Thou shall get physically active immediately prior to starting a task you find dull. A few minutes fresh air outside, five to 10 minutes of brisk walking, or doing a few minutes of stretching exercises, may be a possible effective strategy and increase your workplace productivity.
  • Thou shall listen to relaxing instrumental music when working on boring and mundane tasks. (If this allowed in your workplace).
  • Thou shall leave the immediate work area, for coffee and lunch breaks whenever possible. Connecting with positive coworkers is a great motivator.
  • Thou shall put all important business appointments in the calendar AS SOON AS IT IS SCHEDULED. Using a visual reminder system, such a calendar or post it note is a very effective tool to maintain your focus at work.
  • Thou shall spend 15 (fifteen) minutes at the end of the day handling all of the appropriate paperwork. Use a timer if necessary.
  • Thou shall FOCUS AND REFLECT at the end of the day on three things that went right that day. Even on the most difficult days, three good things happened during the day. Focusing on them can serve as the ‘launching pad’ for productivity incentives for the next day.

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